Analyst report

Gartner recommended strategy for successful online Fraud Detection

Take a CARTA Approach to Building a Successful Payment Fraud Detection Strategy for Digital B2C Channels


"Security and risk management leaders charged with protecting digital B2C payment channels must defend against a variety of automated and human attack vectors. Use this research and Gartner’s CARTA approach to deploy detection capabilities across the entire customer journey for continuous protection" Gartner lists Cleafy as sample vendor for malware detection: "Detection of client-side compromises such as key logging, web inject or man in the browser. Genuine customers are likely unaware that such malware is molesting their sessions. The focus here is on maintaining the integrity of the session for the user and preventing the compromises that lead to fraud on subsequent transactions." Cleafy provides a comprehensive set of fraud management capabilities, including fraud detection, behavioral analytics, device telemetry and ID, event/transaction monitoring and integration of third-party sources. Moreover, Cleafy provides native fraud protection capabilities and also supports orchestration of external responses.

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