Cleafy is aligned to Gartner's Capability Model for Financial Fraud Detection

The Gartner Fraud Detection Capability Model highlights seven key capabilities that Gartner recommends as best practices in financial fraud systems as they provides a structured approach to fraud detection.

Cleafy provides support for all capabilities in Gartner Fraud Detection Capability Model and specifically for what Gartner describes as User interface protection (UIP):

"While the web application firewall protects against specific exploits, the UIP layer defends against specific business logic attacks that fraudsters use, including credential stuffing, impersonation using RATs, injection/medication of the Document Object Model (DOM), traffic interception and redirection, and session hijacking. UIP is commonly implemented as server-side scripts added to the website, and typically defends against advanced attack vectors such as Dridex, Kins, Zeus, Dyre and similar."