Protect on-line services and prevent frauds without impacting your users and business

Today the weakest link in the security chain is represented by the unmanaged endpoints used by your customers to access your on-line services. Advanced attacks leverage techniques such as Man-in-the-Browser (MITB), Man-in-the-Middle (MITM), Remote Access Tools (RAT) and Mobile Overlay to perform Account Takeover, Transaction Tampering and Payment Frauds.

Cleafy solution is based on innovative threat detection and threat protection technology validated by millions of customers. Cleafy makes possible to protect your on-line services and prevent frauds from compromised endpoints without impacting your users and business.

  • “Cleafy continuous threat detection presents a logical approach to securing online transactions as fraud rates, particularly those driven by automated software bots and based on advanced techniques, relentlessly climb. Cleafy also provides unique threat protection capabilities that enhance safe transactions from infected endpoints.”

    - Eric Ogren, Senior Security Analyst, 451 Research