Senior FrontEnd Engineer

You would be working in an autonomous, cross-functional team with a mix of frontend, backend, full-stack developers and security engineers.

You’ll write a web application used for solution deployment and monitoring which provides rich data visualization and reporting features so as to enable users to analyze real-time application traffic and identify attack patterns.

We’re looking for a passionate Frontend Engineer. Our ideal candidate is current with the latest development frameworks and libraries and is also as fanatic about writing simple and elegant code as in being the customer advocate for the best possible user experience.

By joining us as a senior member of the team, you will be responsible for producing high-quality, clean and performant code, and also for proving that your code works under automated unit, integration and acceptance test. You will undertake pairing, code review and ticket verification. You will translate product requirements into software and also deploy applications and monitor their performance.

As a Senior Engineer, you would also be expected to help coach and mentor junior members of the team.


You should also have:

  • Experience developing with React and working with RESTful APIs
  • Knowledge and experience with frontend technologies, e.g. AngularJS, jQuery, CSS3/Pre-processors, npm, Yarn, Grunt and Gulp or Webpack
  • Strong knowledge of web standards and accessibility issues
  • Experience in working with version control systems and its related best practices (pull requests, git flow etc.)
  • Knowledge of agile development methodologies & tools (Scrum, Kanban, Jira)
  • Experience creating Enterprise-level user-facing web applications
  • Experience in data visualization of massive amounts of data
  • Ability to provide constructive feedback on UX mocks
  • Demonstrate a keen sense of aesthetic

Join our team

We know that every tech company is trying to make the workplace more exciting and more fun. At Cleafy, we offer a great working environment shared with outstanding colleagues. Moreover, we can offer something that really makes our job rewarding, that is the opportunity to use the latest technology and create a leading-edge technology being adopted by international banks to analyze large amounts of data and protect million of users against internet threats and frauds. Join our team and provide your contribute on how to best address these challenges.