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Your freedom to
look ahead

We are a team of cybersecurity experts, fraud-hunters, data scientists and engineers who care about security and innovation, which we believe to be deeply connected.

Making technology a safer place

Innovating means looking the future straight in the eye, having a vision, and the will to make it real. That’s how we want technology to be: continuous progress for serving people’s needs. But looking ahead requires safety and the assurance that everything is under control.

That’s why we’re here. To make technology a safer place and help building a digital ecosystem where innovation can flourish.

So go on. Do what you haven’t done yet, try what you haven’t tried yet.

We’ve got your back.

Proud of what
we achieved,
willing to do more

We protect the Largest Global Banks and Online Payment Providers

End-to-end Platform
Protected online users
Total protected yearly

A human driven attitude

Since 2014, there’s something that drives us while doing our job: the awareness that knowledge and competence, algorithms and technology are not enough to achieve excellence. There’s the need of human values too.


We take our own responsibility.
We never hide.


We’re there, as soon as you need us.


We know for sure that prevention is better than cure.


We care about precision, we admit no negligence.

Meet the team

Key leaders

Our key leaders are the people who every day help us move one step closer to our vision.

Matteo Bogana
Co-founder / CEO

Matteo Bogana

Nicolò Pastore
Co-founder / CTO

Nicolò Pastore

Alessandro Bisignano
VP of Global Sales

Alessandro Bisignano

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