More information
means more power.

Cleafy gives you access to all the information gathered by the Threat Intelligence Team. You’ll be constantly updated on what’s happening in the fraud world

Meet the T.I. Team

The Threat Intelligence Team is our special selection of fraud hunters. They are in charge of uncovering fraudsters, following their trail, and studying their moves.
And when they catch them, they immediately tell you everything they know.

The T.I. Team is constantly on the hunt for new advanced patterns of attack

Because their mission is tracking down cybercriminals

As soon as they find a threat, they classify it inside Cleafy’s engine

And you’ll automatically get it labeled on your dashboard

They draw up and send you a complete and detailed report about it

You’ll understand everything about its behavior and how it’s evolving

They identify mule accounts or payee anomalies too

So you’ll know who to be wary of.

And if things get tough, they’re ready to take the field and help you out

Tune-up your security posture

With all this information, you’ll be able to set your optimal security posture, configuring your automated responses, and minimizing your risk exposure. All this, without leaving your dashboard.

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