Front End Engineer

Full-time postion at the Milan Office

Job description

You will be working in an autonomous, cross-functional team with a mix of frontend, backend, full-stack developers and security engineers.In your role you will write a web application used for solution deployment and monitoring which provides rich data visualization and reporting features so as to enable users to analyze real-time application traffic and identify attack patterns.We are looking for a passionate Frontend Engineer.

Our ideal candidate is current with the latest development frameworks and libraries and is also as fanatic about writing simple and elegant code as in being the customer advocate for the best possible user experience.You will have the opportunity to get involved, grow quickly and make an impact in a fast-growing organization having a start-up environment. You can take up your career learning and working with highly talented and smart technologists and top performer colleagues.


  • Build software products that protect our customers from attacks and frauds at scale
  • Help designing and implementing new products, from broad concepts to sweating the small details
  • Cultivate front-end expertise through the development team


  • Knowledge of React
  • Comprehension of RESTful APIs concepts
  • Knowledge of frontend technologies, e.g. jQuery, CSS3/Pre-processors, npm, Yarn or Webpack
  • Knowledge of web standards and accessibility issues
  • Ability to work with version control systems and its related best practices (pull requests, git flow etc.)
  • Understanding of agile development methodologies & tools (Scrum, Kanban, Jira)
  • Ability to provide constructive feedback on UX mocks
  • Demonstrate a keen sense of aesthetic

Other requirements

  • BS/MS in Engineering, Computer Science, Math, Physics or related disciplines
  • Fluency in English and basic Italian are required
  • Knowledge of Spanish or German are a plus
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