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Cleafy raises €10 Million to advance proactive fraud prevention

United Ventures leads €10 Million funding to fuel Cleafy's mission to tackle online banking fraud

At Cleafy, we are thrilled to unveil a momentous stride in our journey toward fortifying the digital realm against the ever-growing threat of online banking fraud. Our relentless commitment to safeguarding digital transactions and financial well-being has received a resounding endorsement through a transformative investment of €10 million. This monumental achievement, led by United Ventures via the esteemed UV T-Growth fund, signifies a resolute vote of confidence in our prowess and innovative solutions.

United Ventures is also officially recognizing the significance of this milestone in the landscape of cybersecurity and fintech innovation.

With this infusion of capital, we stand poised to embark on an exciting voyage of expansion, extending our cutting-edge technology platform to new markets and institutions around the world. Our vision to proactively prevent fraud and enhance the digital banking experience aligns perfectly with the immense growth observed within the cybersecurity domain, particularly in the realm of online banking and payment fraud prevention.

Today, the cybersecurity landscape stands witness to exponential growth, with the online banking fraud prevention segment holding immense promise. At Cleafy, we stand as pioneers, harnessing an innovative approach that transcends traditional fraud prevention. Our mission is to anticipate attacks and thwart fraud before it strikes, ensuring the seamless functioning of digital banking platforms and providing users with an optimal experience.

From humble beginnings with a trio of individuals driven by an idea, we have burgeoned into a dynamic team of over 50 professionals united by a singular mission. This milestone signifies a significant inflection point in our trajectory, paving the way for unrivaled growth and innovation within the cybersecurity realm.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the entire Cleafy team for their relentless efforts over the years, as well as to our steadfast partners at United Ventures. Together, we possess the power to redefine the future of digital banking and payment security, safeguarding the financial interests of millions across the globe.

For comprehensive details, download the official press release. As an integral part of our journey, we extend our gratitude to you for your continued support and trust.

"Our goal is not simply to stop fraud; rather, we aim to anticipate attacks and proactively prevent fraud from occurring."
Matteo Bogana - CEO, Cleafy


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