It’s like having
million eyes

Fraud attacks on several fronts, but our multidimensional approach supervises them all.
Cleafy’s full detection & response model helps you see all the conceivable data together and respond to every threat in the quickest way.

The pleasure of
being in control

When you get coordinated attacks, it’s hard to know where to start from. But our data-driven unified solution revolutionized the paradigm in online fraud management.

That’s how you’ll go beyond
the single-point approach

Gather every information in one place

Cleafy’s engine collects all possible data in real-time, just on one platform. Having full visibility on all your channels increases your control in every situation.

See all the clues

With just a few clicks, you can examine all your online users’ activities and conduct a specific quick investigation thanks to a flexible yet powerful query language.

Connect the dots

Cleafy’s ML algorithms indicate any behavioral, transactional, or device-related irregularity. Clear tags help you detect any anomalies for each session, as they happen.

Create detection rules

Once you identify a malicious pattern, the engine will learn how to detect that. It will then automatically recognize it whenever and wherever it encounters one.

Set-up automated responses

With automated responses precisely targeted on malicious sessions, you can respond faster to any threat, even when they strike at scale.

Avoid making noise

Automated responses aren’t just faster, they’re also more precise. They stop only those in need to be stopped, without interrupting your real users.

Keep your KPIs under control

From your dashboard, you can observe the metrics that matter the most for you. They will let you know if something is off so that you can quickly create new rules or refine the existing ones.

Just focus on your goals

Having full control of the situation will reduce the stress on your team, and you can concentrate on developing new businesses. Look ahead, Cleafy has got your back.

Threat intelligence support

At your side,
step by step.

Cleafy isn’t just a technology, it’s also a team of fraud-hunters and cyber security experts. We put our expertise at the service of our customers.
You can always count on us.

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