Analyst Reports

451 Research report on Cleafy behavior analytics

Cleafy targets website transaction fraud with web behaviour analytics


451 Research comments on the Cleafy logical approach to secure online transactions as fraud rates, particularly those driven by automated software bots and based on advanced techniques: "The significant differentiator for Cleafy Detect is the ability to deterministically identify threats, since its approach is not based on signature and pattern matching, and to present evidence of an attack by extracting modified code fragments.” "Cleafy Detect collects evidence of fraud activity and presents the information to security, anti-fraud and customer support teams. There is a sensitivity to the business needs that comes from working closely with early customers." “Cleafy is impressive in the way it has developed its Detect product with major Italian banks. The company has an opportunity to reduce fraud rates through web site transactions for US financial markets.” “Cleafy also provides threat protection capabilities that enhance safe transactions from infected endpoints.”

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