Executive View from KuppingerCole

KuppingerCole analysts recognize Cleafy unique approach to threat detection and fraud prevention:

  • Cleafy is a unified threat detection and protection platform developed with a strong focus on security and compliance challenges of financial and e-commerce institutions.”
  • Cleafy DETECT is the passive detection module, the original technological foundation of the platform. A substantial part of the company’s customers find that their requirements are covered with this fully passive detection platform. Cleafy PROTECT is the active protection technology for web applications that prevents malicious actors from modifying the application code in the first place.
  • "Cleafy introduces a quite unique and unorthodox approach towards threat detection and antifraud protection for financial service providers.”
  • "Directly addressing most of security clauses of the PSD2 directive, Cleafy offers a promising one-stop-shop solution for financial service providers’ regulatory compliance needs."