The Digital Transformation Challenge

Security is recognized as a top challenge for Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives. Under the pressure to accelerate business opportunities and to reduce costs, DX projects are often delivered without security and compliance requirements being taken into account.

As a consequence, even when solutions protecting the internal perimeter are in place, several challenges remain for securing the extended perimeter represented by external users and entities accessing online services and sensitive data from their devices:

  • Signs of malware infection of web and mobile endpoints using advanced attack techniques (e.g. MITB, Application Overlay) are not detected
  • Credential hijacking and account takeover situations are not detected and no adaptive authentication is in place
  • Anomalous behaviour is not monitored and in-flight data tampering in user sessions is not detected

Negative consequences of not being able to detect targeted attacks happening on the endpoint side include brand and reputational damage, operational disruption, money losses and legal costs.

How Cleafy Helps

Cleafy helps embrace DX initiatives without compromising security, by continuously monitoring and identifying in real-time any sign of malware infection or complex threat scenarios representing targeted attacks to your extended perimeter.  

  • Detect integrity of applications & data against advanced attack techniques (e.g. MITB, MITM) used for data tampering and credential hijacking
  • Analyze anomalous behavior, such as users using new devices or accessing data from unusual locations at unusual time (e.g. outside business hours)
  • Analyze suspicious activities involving sensitive data (e.g. credit card numbers) representing potential slow & low data exfiltration scenarios
  • Create rules to correlate multiple Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and automatically send alerts and execute response actions
  • Adopt threat protection mechanisms that enable user sessions to be safe even in presense of infected endpoints and MITB or MITM attacks

Cleafy threat detection & protection is available both as an on-premise and as a Software as a Service (SaaS) option to both accelerate adoption and take advantange of a more flexible usage model.  


Traditional approaches to protecting web-facing applications from attack often fail because of the friction resulting from attempting to control the customer side by deploying software in the critical application delivery infrastructure and the business side by embedding code in the business logic of the website.

Placing the website security service in the cloud simplifies the inspection of the interactions between the customer and application, as well as the remote assessment of the customer browsing environment, and avoids complicating website operations processes.

Eric Ogren 451 Research