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The 5 New Challenges
of Online Fraud Detection
The emergence of new challenges is leading Banks and Financial Services to re-think their Online Fraud Detection strategy. In this webinar we will briefly discuss how Cleafy customers are approaching the growing sophistication of fraud techniques, new compliance regulations, increased market competition and acceleration of digital transformation initiatives while coping with an increased skill shortage.
Cerberus v2: a three-headed Android banking malware
Cerberus is a well-known Android banking Trojan emerged in 2019, and has already released a "v2" on April 2020, whose "popularity" has grown due to more than 90 banking applications being impacted by the “overlay attack”. In this webinar, we will provide a detailed analysis of all its main features that have been uncovered by our Threat Intelligence team.

How to implement an adaptive security approach - à là CARTA

Gartner has proposed a reference framework called "CARTA" for implementing adaptive security. In this webinar we describe how Cleafy is the perfect solution for implementing a flexible adaptive security approach by reviewing some real-world use cases and adoption scenarios. Finally, we will briefly comment on the key finding and recommendations provided by Gartner in their latest µarket Guide for Online Fraud Detection.


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In this 30-minute webinar, Mauro Carducci, Regional Sales Director, explained how is possible to get full visibility of advanced threats without going through yet another painful implementation and integration process, and still be able to cope with the following facts: 
  • Fraudsters keep evolving their tools and techniques

  • Companies keep changing their apps to improve business features & Customer Experience

  • Cybersecurity teams keep experiencing skill shortages

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In this 30-minute webinar, Federico Valentini, Head of Threat Intelligence Team, explained web-inject paradigms and evasion techniques that are found in targeted campaigns against banks and payment services.